Teaching Venues, Fees and Accommodation

Student Facilites

The academic activity of the OCG course will be located in Wycliffe Hall. Tutorial sessions will be held here and there is also an excellent theological library which will be a centre of study and essay preparation. In addition, students will have access to the Bodleian and other Oxford University libraries.

St Aldates practical teaching will be delivered in St Aldates Parish Centre, where a set of rooms will be made available as a 'base' for OCG students throughout the year. This will be available with internet access, presentation facilities and kitchen facilities.

OCG students will spend part of their time working alongside and shadowing the various Ministry leaders in St Aldates. These sessions will take place across the three St Aldates buildings in central Oxford: the main church building, the Parish Centre and the Catacombs Youth and Prayer Centre.

Full of character, our buildings are conveniently situated in the heart of historic Oxford, close to Oxford University colleges, many tourist attractions and just five minutes from train and bus stations.


We expect the fees for the CTG (for EU students) to be around £8,500 and for the CGP to be in the region of £1200 (which excludes the fees for the Certificate in Theological and Pastoral Studies). Fees for non-EU students will be substantially higher. Students have to pay for their own accommodation and food, but generally eat very well (and for free) at various church events they attend during the week.


It is expected that OCG students will be accommodated in Commonwealth House, in the centre of Oxford and adjacent to the St Aldates buildings. The house is made up of a terrace of 7 houses- adjoining a very popular coffee shop called G&Ds - in what was originally a 17th century listed building off Pembroke Square.

Commonwealth House’s main strength is its location. Set between Oxford's famous Cathedral (Christ Church College) and the Modern Art museum in the heart of Oxford University's colleges, the house also benefits from having three supermarkets nearby: Sainsbury's, Marks & Spencer and Tesco.

Rooms in the Commonwealth House are of the same standard as Oxford University accommodation, typically with two students per room. Communal lounges and kitchens are provided. Wireless internet connection is available.

We hope that living in Commonwealth House will provide community and fellowship along with good opportunities for building friendships and support networks. This experience will be modelled on our well established and very successful School of Ministry intern programme. Feedback from this gives a high value to the benefits of communal living.

Given Oxford’s student focus, there is ample alternative accommodation available for students who prefer to live more independently in the city or plan to come to Oxford with their families.